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Watch Winter Olympic Games 2018 Opening Ceremony Free online

Watch Winter Olympic Games 2018 Opening Ceremony Free online

Watch Winter Olympic Games 2018 Opening Ceremony Free online

Watch Winter Olympic Games 2018 Opening Ceremony Free online


The opening ceremony for the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang starts at 8PM KT (6AM ET / 3AM PT here in the US).

This is where things get tricky. In the past, NBC has refused to show the opening ceremony live — the last time was the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games — instead holding it for Friday night when it can air during the more advertiser-friendly prime-time slot.

This year, the broadcasting company — which holds the exclusive rights to the Olympics in the US — is compromising: the main broadcast on the NBC TV channel will still be at 8PM ET on Friday, 14 hours after the ceremony has actually occurred in South Korea. But there will be a stream of the live event available online through NBC’s various apps (including NBC, NBC Sports, and NBC’s Olympics website).

NBC is one of the only broadcasters across the world to intentionally tape-delay events, so this practice left US viewers in a strange place: lagging behind the rest of the world as NBC waits until timing is more convenient for the network.

How to Stream the Olympics Online in 3 Steps

There is only one way to watch the Winter Olympics in the United States, and that’s through Watchwinterolympicgames.com, and unlike the Super Bowl they aren’t giving it away for free. Below is our step-by-step guide to signing up. Basically, you’re going to need a device that’s compatible with an Watchwinterolympicgames.com (or website), sign up for its Live TV service, and then log in to watch. Unless you have a cable subscription, of course.

Watchwinterolympicgames.com will give you of streaming per day before. It’s not much, but if none of these other options work for you, at least it’s something.

When can I watch Winter Olympics highlights?

With the time difference to South Korea it might be hard to watch a lot of the events live. Luckily you can watch Today at the Games with Claire Balding for daily highlights on BBC Two at 7pm.

What events are in the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Here’s a list of all the events in this year’s Winter Olympic Games:

• Alpine Skiing

• Biathlon

• Bobsled

• Cross Country Skiing

• Curling

• Figure Skating

• Freestyle Skiing

• Ice Hockey

• Luge

• Nordic Combined

• Short Track Skating

• Skeleton

• Ski Jumping

• Snowboarding

• Speed Skating